Monday, March 27, 2006

If Astrology is not a science then why scientists do not protest it?

Yes, they have protested. But the effect was counter. 186 Noble prize winners’ scientists signed a statement titled ‘Objection To Astrology’ which was published in ‘The Humanist’ in 1975 September. The statement mentioned ‘Stars and Planets are too far from the earth. So gravitational and other forces are so weak that they can not affect some one’s fate.’ Karl Sagon did not sign the statement. Advocates of Astrology taken it as granted that Karl Sagon also do not feel that Astrology is not a science. Karl Sagon did not signed only because of scientists did not clarify why it does not follow rules of science. It sounds like people should accept it because we scientists are declaring it.
Professor Jayant Naralikar also feels that to declare Astrology is not a science all of a sudden is against scientific attitude. The experiments like double blind test and empirical research will reveal unscientific status of Astrology

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