Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A simple Experiment
Following experiment will expose the lack of integrity on the part of astrology’s advocates : The horoscope of an aged person whom you know quite well should be obtained . 3 or 4 prominent events in his life should be noted down along with the years in which they occurred. The horoscope and just a brief description of the events should be given to an astrologer who claims that he can correctly predict events from a horoscope. Ask him if he can correctly guess the years in which the events have occurred. Alternatively, the years should be given to him and he should guess the events. If he claims that he is able to predict death, ask him to guess the year of death of an expired person from his horoscope. I am sure that no astrologer will come forward to give such a test. I have tried this myself .Those who vehemently assert that there must be some truth in astrology may find out that truth by making this experiment.