Friday, March 25, 2016

मनोविकार तज्ञ व मनोविकारांचा मागोवा चे लेखक डॉ. श्रीकांत जोशी यांचे ई पत्र

Dear Prakash
First of all, let me thank you for the kind words you said about this book which unfortunately did not get the attention it deserved looking at the importance of this subject. It is still good to know that there are people who have thought about it.
Secondly, let me apologise for replying in English. This is due to the fact, that I can not type in Marathi.
Your efforts at throwing sunlight on to the subject of PhalJyotish are commendable. It is unfortunate, that even today, millions depend on this completely unscientific method to decide about their life. 
Shraddha, or its twin Andhashraddha are far too deeply embedded in our culture, and many other cultures around the world. The persistence of such completely irrational thoughts and practices even amongst people who are otherwise rational and practical in other areas of life, means that these irrational thoughts serve some functions. Amongst the many challenges of life, a challenge to live with uncertainty is a major one for many people.
Future course of events are predictable grossly in macro events, in the sense what will happen to environment etc, it is nearly impossible to accurately predict what will happen in any person's life.Though by far and large, most people's lives are routine and nothing new happens most of the times, there are some unexpected events. The other issue is while making an important life changing decision like choosing a life partner or accepting a job offer, most people want to peep into the future, they want to have as many factors as possible which will in their opinion help them to make a decision which provides best outcome for them.
Jyotish offers future predictions, based on a process which appears very scientific, like the position of stars and a deep study etc. People fall for such pseudo scientific mumbo jumbo, as they want to be convinced that they have an advance warning. 
An emotional need to make future predictable and secure leads people to irrational thoughts and beliefs. When emotions are involved, rationality takes a backseat. It becomes nearly impossible to convince such people and argue with them.
Urbanization, modernization, globalization, splitting of family into smaller units, are some factors which may loosen the grip of such irrational beliefs on the common man. But even in that the success of many modern Gurus show that people do have dependency needs which need fulfillment.
A lot can be said about this, but I was happy to read your comments, and feel free to translate my opinions about the same on your sites and facebook if you feel so.
Warm Regards
Shreekant Joshi

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

औषध उतारे आणि आशीर्वाद

 मंत्रतंत्र बाबा बुवा ज्योतिष च्या गप्पा चाललेल्या असताना एका मित्राने एक पुस्तक वाचायला दिलं. काहीशा नाखुशीनेच मी ते पाहिल. औषधं, उतारे आणि आशीर्वाद. मनोविकारांचा मागोवा हे उत्तम पुस्तक लिहिणारे मानसोपचार तज्ञ डॉ श्रीकांत जोशी यांनी ते अनुवादित केल होत. मूळ पुस्तक Mystics, Shamans and Doctors डॊ सुधीर कक्कर यांच. डॉ. श्रीकांत जोशी यांना हे पुस्तक का अनुवादित करावस वाटल हे वाचताना त्यांची भुमिका समजली. ते म्हणतात," अनेक शहाणी-सुरती दिसणारी- म्हणजे असलेली म्हणायला हरकत नाही, अगदी सुशिक्षित, सुसंकृत उच्चभ्रु समाजातील मंडळी स्वामी, महाराज गुरु यांच्या कच्छपी कशी लागतात? मला अध्यात्मातले काही कळत नाही. परंतु यातले काही गुरु मला उघडपणे भोंदु दिसत होते. पण माझीच काही मित्रमंडळी मोठ्या भक्ती भावाने त्यांच्या पायावर डोके ठेवत होती. त्यातुन त्यांना काहीतरी मिळत होते हे निश्चितच."

Tuesday, February 23, 2016


मुहूर्त म्हटले की भास्कराचार्य-लीलावतीची गोष्ट हमखास सांगितली जाते. लीलावती ही भास्कराचार्यांची लाडकी लेक. तिच्या कुंडलीत वैधव्ययोग होता. पण भास्कराचार्यांनी असा विवाहाचा मुहूर्त शोधून काढला की तिचा वैधव्ययोग टळेल. पण विवाहाचे वेळी अक्षतेचा दाणा का मणी घटिकापात्रात पडलेने तो तळाशी जावून भोकात अडकला व मुहूर्त चुकला व शेवटी व्हायचे तेच झाले. या दंतकथेच्या छटा बदलतात पण आशय तोच. मुहुर्ताची महती.